Quickly enter ideas to your Notion database.

Prenotion is accessible anywhere on your device. It lets you enter all sorts of entries to your desired Notion database.
Our beta program is full at the moment, enter your email below to receive updates about PreNotion.
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Prenotion is free to use. However you can support Prenotion through our 'buy us a coffee' page.
Frequently asked questions
Is Prenotion free?
Yes PreNotion is free to use. However you can support PreNotion through our ‘buy us a coffee’ page.
How to participate in the beta?
We are sorry to inform you that our beta program is full at the moment, but you can enter your email address on this website to receive updates about PreNotion.
Will there be a way to easily switch between databases?
Yes, a future version of PreNotion will contain shortcuts for different databases. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on upcoming features.
Is Prenotion available for both MacOS and Windows?
Yes, it is available for both operating systems!
I have a suggestion, how can I inform the prenotion team about it?
If you have subscribed to Prenotion beta you have received an email. In this email you can find a link to a Notion page called 'Community backlog'. Please enter any suggestions for Prenotion in this backlog. Otherwise please send an email to '[email protected]'
I have another question, whom should I contact?
We would love to help you out! If you have any other questions you can send an email to [email protected]
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